Accelerate ROS with Viam

Viam software gives you the power to easily manage robot fleets and data, so you can maximize your focus on building.
Viam integrates with ROS to help enterprises and startups monetize their fleets and transform robots into profitable businesses. 

While you are helping customers see the value of your robots in the field, Viam seamlessly handles the cloud back-end to keep costs low and provide valuable robot data and functionality at your fingertips, including:

Robot Interoperability

Secure interoperability between any kind of robot - whether built on ROS or otherwise

Data Management

Robot data capture, storage, analytics, and machine learning

Code Deployment

Iterate on, update and enhance robots on the fly

Mobile Application

Manage and operate any robot from anywhere on any device, including your mobile phone.
Viam wants to help your robotics business get off the ground and is priced accordingly - no upfront subscription or per-robot costs - just pay for the cloud storage and compute needed to take care of your fleet. 

Learn more about how the Viam platform’s fleet and data management capabilities can help streamline your robotics operations and drive revenue.

Introducing Viam’s Modular Registry - How Viam Expands the Possibilities of ROS

Announcing the Viam Modular Registry

Viam's modular registry is designed as an extensible platform for a robust open source community. Developers can build, publish and share modules for any kind of functionality they need for their robot.
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Why Modularity Matters for Robots

Viam’s modular architecture reduces the time and resources needed to integrate customized resources into any robot running on Viam.
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Seamless CI/CD with Viam’s Modular Registry

Explore how Viam's Modular Registry enhances continuous integration and deployment, streamlining the process via seamless integration with GitHub Actions.
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See the Modular Registry for Yourself  

Viam’s cloud module registry allows developers to write a plugin for any component, publish it in Viam’s cloud, and deploy it to support any hardware or custom services.
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Deep Dives on Viam Use Cases with ROS

An Intro to ROS
Integrations with Viam

Remote control, data analysis, and training & deploying ML models.

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Consolidating ROS
Logging with Viam

If your robot fleet is spread out, Viam’s integration allows for monitoring and debugging ROS 2 logging through Viam’s web UI.
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Viam’s Mobile Pathway
for ROS Robots

Viam’s Flutter SDK enables building applications for customers to interface with any robot.
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Creating and Deploying ROS 2 Integration Modules to Robots

Viam’s modular registry allows you to create code for adding functionality to robots, and sharing it with others.
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Robot Data Visualizations

How we built a custom robotics web application using TypeScript and Viam for a ROS robot.

Seamless CI/CD with
Viam’s Modular Registry

Streamlined continuous integration and deployment though Viam and GitHub actions.
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Robot Remote Control through Viam’s ROS 2 Integration

A demonstration of Viam enabling remote control through the Viam app on a ROS 2 robot.

ROS Robot Data Ingestion

Let Viam take care of your robotics plumbing and cloud infrastructure.
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Further Resources

The Viam GitHub Repository

See and leverage Viam’s code.
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The Viam Modular Registry

Create and share the resources your robots need.
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Viam Discord Community

Come hang out with our vibrant developer community.
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Viam Documentation

Learn more about the Viam Platform and get acquainted with our thinking about smart machine ecosystems.
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