Use Case: ROS Robot Data Ingestion

Your robots have valuable data that could drive new features and revenue - start tapping into it with Viam!

Struggling with data observability on robots running ROS?

Let Viam take care of your robotics plumbing and cloud infrastructure so that you can focus on the core business needs your robots enable. Viam was founded to help companies move faster and more efficiently by making it straightforward to create cloud-based data pipelines for robots. 

With secure fleet and data management built into the Viam platform, it becomes much easier for any company seeking to reap the economic benefits of robotics to access, control, and collect data from any robot, anywhere, at any time, without time-consuming integration processes.

An illustration of robots sending data to Viam and Viam pushing updates out to those robots

How It Works

It only takes about 5 minutes to integrate your ROS robot with Viam’s platform and get your data into the cloud.
Install Viam and its ROS modules on your ROS-based production robots, with minimal changes to your ROS environment.
Configure the ROS-Viam integration on your robot fleet through Viam’s Robot Development Kit (RDK). This provides easy access to robot APIs via modern programming languages.
Integrate ROS with the Viam Cloud to leverage its fleet management and machine learning capabilities.
Immediately start visualizing ROS data, building models, and enhancing your robots’ performance.
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Key Features of Viam’s ROS Data Ingestion

Fleet Management from Anywhere

Get all the information about your robots’ current status at a glance. Connect to your fleet from anywhere, including your mobile phone, to deploy code, update configurations, enable remote control, and much more.

Built-in Data Management

Viam’s native data management features allow you to synchronize, view, update, label and export data from your ROS robots, even allowing you to drill down into individual robot components.

Streamline Robot Machine Learning Pipelines

Viam allows you to gather and label robot data in the cloud, train ML models, and then deploy those models to robot fleets in a straightforward way that makes your robots smarter as fast as possible.

Enable Remote Robot Monitoring and Diagnostics

Immediately check the status of any robot, see any camera or sensor in real time, view robot histories, and see logs to carry out debugging. Remote diagnostics speed up iteration cycles, provide faster incident analysis, and allow for immediate measurement of code deployment impacts.

Simple Robot Code Deployment

Viam allows you to easily push code onto your robots, whether through Viam, Viam modules, or even ROS node code or packages.

What Can Your Robots Help You Accomplish with Viam’s ROS Data Ingestion?  

The benefits of Viam's ROS Data Ingestion

One Stack, Composable Use

Viam allows you to create and manage robots as easily as coding software. Use Viam as your robotics cloud solution, development platform, or both, depending on your needs.

Baked-In Security

Viam includes access control permissioning and end-to-end encrypted communications to the Viam platform, with other robots, and the client applications they interact with.

Pay Only for the Cloud Data You Use

Viam simplifies the pricing structure of similar solutions by only charging for cloud consumption. Everything on the robots themselves is open source.

Make Hardware and Software Integrations with Robots a Snap

Viam natively integrates with an extensive variety of common robotics hardware components, which can be controlled through its cloud-based UI. Viam also integrates with Flutter and Typescript, with additional modular resources that support custom hardware and services.

Get Robots Up and Running Quickly

Viam’s platform streamlines robot manufacturing and management, allowing you to get the system up and running in days or even hours. We also offer a team of solution engineers at your disposal to provide professional services and consulting.

Try Viam today!

Want to get a detailed, customized look at how Viam could integrate with your current robotics stack and maximize the value of your ROS-based production robots?

Drop us a line through this form, and one of our expert robotics consultants will reach out to work closely with you and your business on your robotics vision.

In the meantime, read a technical deep dive about how Viam and ROS can help your company build more robots faster and more flexibly in our recent blog post.
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