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Viam is powering the next generation of smart machine companies. From automated beehive care to food service robots, our customers are innovating and shipping faster than ever before.
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“Viam allows for all of the different components of the Bee-Ring to function as one. It’s a one stop shop for the automation, the sensor data, and in the future, our machine learning process.”
— Tim Burnett, CEO, Bee-Ring

SCUTTLE and Viam unlock advancements in mobile robotics

Viam’s robotics software is the perfect complement to the SCUTTLE modular and open-source mobile robot platform. Together, we’re lowering the barrier to entry in robotics for academics and entrepreneurs alike across a wide range of educational and commercial applications.
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RoboDeck is reinventing deck maintenance with Viam

RoboDeck is on a mission to make automated deck care a reality, empowering people to enjoy their outdoor spaces to their full potential. With Viam, RoboDeck can quickly iterate on their robotics solution while managing their robots deployed around the world.
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Sol Robotics and Viam are unlocking the future of cobots

Sol Robotics has built a cobot platform, HERA, whose novel actuation system enables it to reach incredible distances. By harnessing their hardware and Viam’s software together, businesses can swiftly build and deploy cobots for verticals like agriculture and manufacturing.
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Intermode and Viam empower mobile robotics companies to build fast

Intermode has built an autonomous mobile robotics platform, the Modal, that can be seamlessly controlled with Viam. Together, we’re empowering businesses to create affordable mobility robots for use cases ranging from food delivery to AGVs.
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Viam helps Hop Robotics get the perfect pour, every time

Hop Robotics helps restaurants run more efficiently with Walter, a robot that automatically dispenses beverages. Automated quality assurance imaging with Viam means the team can ensure customer satisfaction at scale.
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Dexai’s robot sous chef stirs up culinary success with Viam

Dexai is changing the food service game with Alfred, a sous chef robot. The team is using Viam to modularly build Alfred’s robotic system, saving months of precious development time.
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Bee-Ring’s Viam-powered smart hive is reinventing beekeeping

Built on Viam from scratch, Bee-Ring’s smart beehive provides vital real-time metrics that empower beekeepers to proactively address issues. The time their team saves with Viam’s integrated platform makes all the difference for the bees.
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