Features & Specs

The Viam Rover 2 arrives preassembled with two encoded motors with suspension, a webcam with a microphone unit, a 3D IMU module and power monitoring and management electronics. A single board computer (nominally a Raspberry Pi 4) and batteries must be purchased separately.
Featuring an aluminum chassis with expandable mounting features, the rover can comfortably navigate indoor environments with a 20 lb payload.
Once purchased, you can customize your rover by mounting additional sensors, LiDAR, and robot arms.
L 29.5 cm x W 22 cm x H 7 cm
L 12” x W 9” x H 3”
Weight: 2.2 kg / 4.9 lbs
Dual drive motors with suspension
720p webcam with integrated microphone
6-DOF IMU (MPU6050)
INA 219 power monitoring circuit
Low voltage cutoff circuit
Enclosures for either 18650 batteries or a RC-type
Integrated motor encoders
Anodized aluminum chassis
Up to 20 lb payload Mounting plate with hole pattern for expandability
Check out our documentation to learn more about setting up and using the Viam Rover.
Box includes:
• 1 Viam Rover
• 1 Ribbon cable
• 4 M2.5 screws for mounting a Raspberry Pi (or alternative single board computer)
• 4 height extenders (for larger boards)
• 2 alternative suspension springs
• Allen wrenches (1.5 mm, 2 mm, and 2.5 mm)
The following must be purchased separately:
• Single board computer (nominally a Raspberry Pi 4, support for other boards is available but additional components are needed)
• Battery options, either: Four (4) 18650 batteries (button-top type recommended) with charger or RC-type battery
• microSD card
• A way to connect the microSD card to a computer (e.g., microSD slot or microSD reader)