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Software to revolutionize hardware

Flexible and intuitive cloud solutions that close the gap between software and hardware.
We help global teams do more with sensors, machines, and devices at scale.
Tech for the physical world
Out-of-the-box pipelines enable software engineers to manage hardware.
Clear data & insight
Viam enables consistency across machines, so you can see everything at a glance.
AI for machines
Choose from popular models, or customize to your needs. It’s easy to add AI to any device.

Create a powerful bridge between software and machines

Explore how teams use Viam to enhance, optimize, and advance machines at every stage, improving operational efficiency and accelerating developer velocity.
Deploy AI to your fleet
Deploy AI to
your fleet
Keep machines running smoothly on the edge
Keep machines running
smoothly on the edge
Carry out predictive fleet maintenance
Carry out predictive
fleet maintenance
Leverage a single pane of glass
Leverage a single
pane of glass

Bringing AI to the Edge: The Whale and Vessel Safety Task Force (WAVS) & Viam Announce Partnership

Viam joins WAVS to create an open, collaborative data program that advances AI capabilities to detect and protect marine life — and shows how Viam brings AI to the physical world, even at the edge.

Make any machine smarter, quickly and easily

Viam is an open source software platform that’s modular, pluggable, and designed to work with any hardware with sensing, compute, and actuation. Pick and choose capabilities that work for you.
Data Capture, store, and visualize data to create pipelines that enhance machine capabilities and generate revenue.
Registry Easily incorporate any hardware or functionality into a machine and share it with the wider developer community.
ML Build, train, and deploy ML models on machines running in the physical world.
Fleet Proactively monitor and control your fleet so it runs smoothly, scales quickly, and stays productive.
Mobility Make your machines move and add any navigation service you need to get them where they need to go.
Build Leverage the power of open source to create smart machines using any hardware, software, or programming language.

Accelerating automation for every industry

CEO and founder Eliot Horowitz explains how Viam is aiming to make hardware more flexible, scalable, and developer-friendly — just like he did with databases as co-founder and CTO at MongoDB.
“We’re empowering the next generation of startups, developers, and enterprises to move quickly and build better.”
Eliot Horowitz
founder and CEO of Viam

Solve any machine challenge

Predictive maintenance
Code deployment
Extending machine lifespan
Diagnostics & remediation
Environmental monitoring
Machine testing & iteration

Built by developers, for developers

Viam’s language, hardware, and software-agnostic platform makes it simple for developers to easily build the smart machines they want to see in the world.
Start building a machine of your own and move it around within minutes.
An illustration showing the Viam Registry

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