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The software platform for smart machines

Flexible. Powerful. Scalable.

Viam is a comprehensive open source platform that simplifies the building, monitoring, and data management of smart machines.

From industrial robots to autonomous vehicles to smart home appliances and IoT devices — Viam is transforming the way software powers hardware for any device with sensing, compute, and actuation.

For developers

Build smart machines using any language, hardware, or existing software 

Take advantage of an intuitive method to program smart machines from scratch that is as simple as mobile and web apps

Abstract hardware and complex services into components that can be easily configured or customized on the fly

For smart machine startups

Design, configure, operate, and program smart machines, all from a single platform

Reduce the friction of building and prototyping smart machines that can drive a new business 

Innovate faster and shorten the amount of time it takes to ship smart machines

For enterprises

Securely keep track of and push code to smart machine and robot fleets 

Rapidly and remotely respond to functionality issues in real time 

Use the data that smart machines generate to respond more quickly to customer needs and drive more revenue

Viam is accelerating automation.

Breaking down the barriers to better living through smart machines

Technology marches quickly, yet we are still far away from smart machines that will improve our lives through automating the monotonous and dangerous tasks it still takes humans to carry out. However, the world will be unable to address big issues like climate change, pollution, or sustainability if the path to creating new smart machines remains difficult, inaccessible, and slow to evolve. 

Viam’s platform lets developers quickly build and produce smart machines for factories, homes and everywhere in between. Viam allows enterprises to manage the smart machines they already have while capturing their data to make those machines even smarter.
Learn How Viam Works
A gif showing some of the many possibilities with Viam: 1. Robots cleaning the ocean 2. A robot that waters your plants 3. A robot the fills potholes on the street and 4. A robot that can play with your pet cat

See how Viam is powering the next generation of smart machines

“In the way we can now iterate fast with 3D printing to change and test mechanical parts from one week to the next, the same needs to be true for robotics software, and Viam is empowering all of us to do that.”
—Noam Rand, Co-Founder and CPO, RoboDeck
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“Being able to quickly react to a customer’s experience through automated event logging and quality assurance testing—that is what will set us apart and allow us to scale quickly.”
— Grayson Dawson, Founder and CEO, Hop Robotics
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“Instead of having to spend months building a custom solution, we could just grab components off the shelf that Viam had already developed. And that lets us focus on what we're really good at, which is teaching robots how to make food.”
— David Johnson, Founder and CEO, Dexai
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See what Viam can do for your smart machines and robots

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