Want to code a robot with Viam but don’t have the hardware? Try ours! Take over a Viam Rover in our robotics lab for 15 minutes to run your code. See how it works.

Bring your robotic ideas to life.

From paper, to prototype, to production, to scale

Robotics will impact every aspect of our lives, but not without a major improvement in robotics tooling… Enter Viam

Viam makes it practical to start any robotics project, working with whatever hardware you want in whatever programming language you like. Once you’re in production, Viam lets you do more in the cloud with your robots. 

Viam is your road to robotics success. What will you build?
A gif showing some of the many possibilities with Viam: 1. Robots cleaning the ocean 2. A robot that waters your plants 3. A robot the fills potholes on the street and 4. A robot that can play with your pet cat

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