Robotics will impact every aspect of our lives, but not without a major improvement in robotics tooling… Enter Viam

Viam makes it practical to start building any robot, working with whatever hardware you want in whatever programming language you like. Viam is designed so your code can run on the robot, in the cloud, or anywhere you want. All Viam services are designed to work with great, poor, or even long periods of no connectivity.

Viam is your road to robotics success. What will you build?
A gif showing some of the many possibilities with Viam: 1. Robots cleaning the ocean 2. A robot that waters your plants 3. A robot the fills potholes on the street and 4. A robot that can play with your pet cat

Viam supports every step of your robotics journey from a single platform.

Viam software is powering the next generation of companies and builders in robotics. Discover how our customers are innovating faster than ever in areas like food service and mobile robotics.
“Instead of having to spend months building a custom solution, we could just grab components off the shelf that Viam had already developed. And that lets us focus on what we're really good at, which is teaching robots how to make food.”
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Remotely control a Viam Rover in our office. It's a great way to try out some functionality of the platform, no hardware required.
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Build a Plant Watering Robot
With a Raspberry Pi and some cheap, basic hardware, you can keep your plants healthy and happy from anywhere in the world!
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Build a Person Detection Robot
Create a quick security robot for your desk with just your laptop and built-in webcam. Handy for catching sly snack snatchers!
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