A new paradigm for programming
hardware and

Empowering the next generation of developers and startups to build innovative smart machines faster.
An illustration showing a smart machine being configured with components and services
Viam Build is an open-source platform to control and manage hardware. It relies on standardized building blocks and APIs, removing the need for custom-built plumbing and integration code and freeing up developers to focus on what makes their smart machines stand out.
By facilitating developers to iterate on hardware and software in parallel, Viam helps lower costs, shorten time to market, and make machine design accessible to anyone.

Simplifying smart machine creation

Viam makes programming smart machines as intuitive as programming a web application. With APIs to abstract common hardware components and software packages for adding complex capabilities, Viam Build makes it easy to configure smart machines through its application UI.
A diagram showing how you can use the Viam platform to build and configure a smart machineA diagram showing how you can use the Viam platform to build and configure a smart machine
Add any component to your machine as needed - swap out as you configure and test.
Install Viam server on your computer to configure a machine’s components and services and connect it to the Viam cloud.
Software packages can be added to your machine as services that provide complex capabilities such as computer vision or SLAM.

Build and iterate on smart machines faster

Open-source software that streamlines smart machine design

Build smart machines using any programming language, hardware, or existing software. Once you deploy the Viam server on your machine, a unified and extensible API layer simplifies developing software across many different hardware components and services for an experience similar to a mobile or web application.

Built-in smart machine cloud connection to accelerate development

Viam Build integrates seamlessly with Viam’s cloud backend to instantly enable a host of services to manage your smart machines, including fleet and data management, analytics, ML model training and deployment, and teleoperation.

Flexibility to iterate and prototype rapidly

Whether you are building a machine from scratch or adding a new component over the top, Viam’s pluggable, modular architecture makes it easy to configure new functionality and customize machines on the fly, allowing for quick testing and iteration to optimize performance.

All you need to make your machine concept real

Simple configuration and iteration

Easily set up and swap out hardware components and services with no code changes through the Viam application’s user interface.

Unified & extensible APIs bring smart machines to life

Quickly write software against simple APIs to add hardware components and services to smart machines, with no need for bespoke code or patchwork customization.

SDKs for coding in any language

Write code in any language you are comfortable using to control smart machines, including Python, Go, Typescript, Flutter, and many more.

Micro-RDK for microcontrollers and edge devices

A stripped-down version of Viam software can be used to build machines on resource-limited embedded systems.

Secure, built-in communication protocols with the cloud

The Viam server handles all gRPC and WebRTC communication to safely keep smart machines connected to the cloud, other smart machines, and other components within the same machine.

Easily add any component or service you need to your machine

Modular resources allow any developer to build a custom component or service which, once configured, behaves identically to Viam’s wide range of built-in common resources.

Use Cases

Building a smart-machine-centered business
Continuous iteration and testing for new machine features
Everyday smart machines and devices
Automation of tedious or dangerous tasks
Making any machine smart by adding sensors or cameras

The power of a
unified platform

Viam Build is part of a holistic platform that removes the need for complex integrations of various point solutions. Combining Viam Build with other solutions in the Viam platform lowers costs and streamlines your smart machine operations.

Viam Registry

Our community registry allows developers to create, program, co-develop, improve, and share components and services on a marketplace maintained by Viam.

Viam Mobility

Once you have built a smart machine you can move it around with built-in services such as motion planning, SLAM, and computer vision.

Viam Fleet

Manage fleets of machines, control them remotely, and keep them secure with locations, organizations, and permissions.

Dexai Case Study - Customizing a
robot for restaurants

Dexai used Viam’s modular component architecture and built-in services to develop a robot sous chef named Alfred, accelerating development into a matter of days and building flexibility into their robotic system design.
Dexai Robotics logo
“Instead of having to spend months building a custom solution, we could just grab components off the shelf that Viam had already developed. And that lets us focus on what we're really good at, which is teaching robots how to make food.”
David Johnson, CEO, DEXAI

Further resources

Tutorials - Start building a smart machine now
Start making something with Viam! The whole principle behind Viam is that we want it to be easy for you to get started, so dive right in and get to know the platform.
Case Study - Building a beer pouring robot
Hop Robotics uses Viam to automate quality assurance imaging for their beverage dispensing robot, with the ultimate goal of scaling prototyping and production.
Bee Ring logo
Case Study - Using Viam to make beehives smart
Using Viam’s integrated data management and fleet management has saved Bee-Ring over four months of development time on their smart beehives

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