How Viam works

Viam simplifies the software side of smart machines so you can focus on building something great instead of being slowed down by tools. Here’s how:
An illustration of a robot being configured through Viam

A Prototyping Dream

Use whatever hardware you want, configure components with ease, and iterate faster than ever before.
An illustration of software being developed using Viam SDK

Code How You Like

Use any programming language you want for your smart machine and leverage native higher-level services like SLAM & Computer Vision.
An illustration of Viam managing global deployments

Go Bigger With Confidence

Scale effortlessly with secure fleet management, authentication, logging, permissioning, and more, all built in to the platform.
An illustration of robots sending data to Viam and Viam pushing updates out to those robots

Cloud Ready

We’ve got your data management covered: seamlessly upload to the cloud and egress to your fleets to do more with your smart machine data.

We're here to help

Want to learn more before trying out Viam? Get the info you need right here. Wherever you are in your smart machine journey, we’re here to help.


See an overview of how the Viam platform makes it easy to configure, prototype, and program smart machines.


Check out our documentation for tutorials and details on using the Viam platform.


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