Remotely deploy code or anything else to your smart machine fleet

Ensure version alignment and consistency
Easily provide machines with the latest features and functionality. The Viam platform supports simple and quick remote deployment of code to all or a part of smart machine fleets.

The challenge of cloud-based code deployment to smart machines

Large clouds are great for machine data ingestion and storage, but without extending the cloud down to the device level, devices are left with two major issues that prevent smooth code deployment:
  • Connecting machines to the cloud falls outside of the cloud’s scope, making those connections disjointed and haphazard
  • Programming languages and configurations on machines are out of sync with what is typically used in the cloud

Viam simplifies code deployment for any environment

Deploy new code without needing to create a manual patchwork solution to bridge the gap between smart machines and the cloud for:

Edge devices with varying locations and wireless signal strength

Proprietary machines manufactured and sold to customers

Fleets composed of many different makes and models of machines and IoT devices

Varied consumer devices in a home or office

How Viam makes code
deployment seamless

Deploy anything you want to your smart machines

Go beyond simple code and deploy docker containers, ROS packages, GitHub releases, ML models and more.

Designed to scale up to millions of devices

Don’t let wobbly infra slow you down - Viam is meant for the largest  fleets of smart machines and edge devices.

Keep machines consistent even with connectivity issues

The Viam platform takes unreliable connectivity and maintenance windows into account so that a new version is made available to a fleet or machine whenever they have a connection or aren’t in use.

Monitor fleet changes over time

Viam’s transparent code deployment logs provide a simple and straightforward way for developers to view and keep track of how their machines have changed over time.

Code fragments for quick testing and iteration

Apply new code to a subset of machines to see how it works in the field before pushing out the final version to the whole fleet.

Configure more & code less to prevent human error

Automate the manual processes that can lead to mistakes. The Viam platform provides a way to freeze code and deploy the same configuration to other machines the same way that code is deployed.

Further resources

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Viam’s open-source Modular Registry enables developers to leverage the best code for deploying to a fleet, no matter where it comes from.
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Blog post - CI/CD with Viam
Learn how to make new functionality available to your smart machines without expending a lot of effort through Viam code deployment.

Simplify smart machines now

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