One solution for navigation, mapping, and motion

Give your machines the best available tools for moving around and getting where they need to go.
An illustration of Viam Mobility being used to power a Smart machine
There has been a dramatic increase in the availability of point solutions that help your smart machine to move around autonomously, navigate to specific points, and map its surroundings.
However, many of these services are siloed, need to be patched together to work with certain hardware, or are otherwise difficult to utilize with other similar services on one machine without affecting machine performance.

One solution for everything you need to get your smart machine moving

Use Viam’s built-in services to make your smart machine move or add any service you are already comfortable with and easily apply it to your machine.
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) Map building and localizing a machine within that map.
Navigation Leverage GPS so a machine can move around autonomously.
Frame system Contextual data management and storage to enable mobility functionality and coordination.
Motion planning Move a machine or its components relative to other machines and the world.
Remote control Teleoperate a machine through simple joystick functionality.
Component movement Move arms, grippers, bases, and other machine components in relation to machines and their environment.

Tell your smart machine where to go how you want - our services ensure it will get there

Coordinate fleet mobility from a single command center

Interoperable configuration and sharing of maps and navigation services across your whole fleet, regardless of hardware.

Offload to the cloud so mobility won’t affect machine performance

Build maps in the cloud to save money, resources, and battery power while still using cutting-edge navigational technology.

Easily deploy any mobility algorithm to your smart machine

Viam has a range of mapping, navigation and motion planning services available out of the box, and an open-source marketplace for even more options.

The tools to add autonomous mobility or teleoperation to any smart machine

Motion planning for any machines or component

Move machines autonomously with Viam’s built-in motion planning or easily fold in any other similar service within your machine.

Flexible SLAM capabilities on your terms

Use any sensor, lidar, or camera to map a machine’s location and relative position, and apply Viam’s out-of-the-box SLAM or seamlessly integrate your own mapping.

Automate obstacle avoidance for smooth outdoor navigation

Mark machine path obstacles within Viam and use navigation services and ML to automate obstacle detection and avoidance.

Motion planning and SLAM offloading

Offload compute resources to Viam’s cloud to enhance machine performance and battery power, even for edge devices with small microprocessors.

Free, built-in teleoperation & remote control

Teleoperation for any smart machine with no per-machine or other upfront costs required - just pay for the cloud compute you consume.

Add any navigation or mapping your machine needs on the fly

Viam’s modular registry is a marketplace for smart machine interoperability that lets you add or use any hardware component or service on your machine.

Use Cases

Delivery robots for hospitality, offices, and hospitals
Robot arms for restaurants, factories, and warehouses
Remote control / teleoperation
Vehicular automation

The power of a
unified platform

Viam Mobility is part of a holistic platform that removes the need for complex integrations of various point solutions. Combining Viam Mobility with other solutions in the Viam platform lowers costs and streamlines your smart machine operations.

Viam Build

Add new functionality, components and services to your smart machines for simple testing and iteration.

Viam Fleet

Manage where you want your fleet to go and diagnose when they run into issues or stop moving.

Viam Machine Learning

Utilize machine learning to make the best navigation routes and detect and avoid live obstacles.

Quickly testing and building mobile robots

Intermode used Viam Mobility to iterate quickly on navigational functionality and scale their robotic fleet.
Intermode logo
“Instead of spending a lot of time developing something custom, our customers can use Viam to have a machine execute simple actions, move around, or validate something in the real world. The teleoperation feature specifically has been very helpful.”
Arnold Kadiu, Co-founder and CEO, Intermode

Further resources

Tutorial - Plan motion with an arm and a gripper
A deep dive on how to configure and move different robot components around using Viam.
Blog Post - Maps for autonomous robots
Allow autonomous vehicles and other machines to build a map and localize themselves within that map through Viam.
Demo Video - Machine teleoperation with Viam
Remotely control a robot through Viam’s mobile application.

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