USE CASE - Data Analytics

Enhance your business
through smart machine data

Understand the current state and potential future of your fleet
Extract, access, and analyze smart machine data and turn it into actionable insights that drive revenue.

The challenge of
transforming raw
data into business

Smart machines are becoming heavy-duty data generators — and it can be a challenge for companies to cost-effectively collect, store, and analyze the huge volumes of data their smart machines generate.
Leave the wrong data out, and you might draw the wrong conclusions. Try to capture it all, and you may never locate the insights you need, or blow through your storage and analysis budget.
Transforming data into actionable outcomes is hard, and only gets harder without a data management platform designed for physical devices that is able to plug into popular analytics tools.

Analytics for diverse teams across your business

Get real-time data on your smart machines and their environment, and leverage their data as a way to enhance their performance and your business.

See machine health data at a glance

Get real-time context about the environment where smart machines run.

Improve the customer experience based on data

Design an enhanced customer experience that considers unique behavior to target individual preferences.

Gain insights that enhance your business

Leverage insights collected on machines to make optimized business decisions.

Carry out predictive fleet maintenance

Carry out maintenance and diagnostics for incident alerts, customer support, and machine design planning.

How Viam makes smart
machine data profitable

Analysis on data captured from across a heterogeneous fleet

Collect info from all your machines, regardless of make and manufacturer, on a single screen to get an elevated view into your fleet’s performance and environments.

Flexible data pipelines

Do anything you want to do with your data in any format or programming language. Viam can comfortably integrate with all kinds of data infrastructure.

Queryable streams of historical or live data

Get the data you need when you need it. Viam allows you to search for the data that lets you identify patterns and trends on your machines.

Data plotting and visualization

Viam integrates with any visualization platform so you can consume machine analytics however you are most comfortable.

Add a human touch through data annotation

The Viam platform gives you the tools to filter, tag, and label data, allowing you to make use of machine data to gain insights and train ML models.

Build analytics into your consumer apps

Let customers see the analytics of the machines you sell them to draw their own business insights and optimize machines for their specific needs.

Further resources

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Case Study - Robodeck
A deck-cleaning robot startup uses Viam to gather customer usage analytics for faster onboarding and feedback collection.
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