USE CASE - Interoperability

Make any machine talk and share data with any other

Compatibility across your entire diverse fleet
Get visibility and control across vendors, future-proof machines, and take action on your fleet, all from a single pane of glass.

Breaking down the silos that block a unified view of your fleet

Disparate tech makes it a challenge to ensure each task has the best possible machine for the job.
Silos by manufacturer, software platform, and data type create inefficiencies that waste time, resources, and energy, while also making it difficult to update older machines with the latest technology.

Interoperability without a patchwork solution or complexity

Get a truly accurate snapshot of your smart machine infrastructure and take swift action to resolve any issues without toggling between tools or cobbling together a workaround.
Viam has designed a platform to enable compatibility between different machines so that coordination among them can happen even in the most diverse hardware and software environments, without complex customization.

Hardware interoperability

Universal hardware compatibility that makes any kind of component able to be integrated into any machine regardless of make or manufacturer.

Data interoperability

Format-agnostic pipes to capture, sync, store, and turn data into ML algorithms and actionable insight without stitching in other solutions or complex code.

Platform interoperability

Smooth integration of distinct smart machine software and middleware platforms that otherwise require bespoke integrations to communicate.

Device interoperability

Coordination across different makes and models of machines so they can share information and take action together.

How Viam makes your fleet work as one coordinated unit

Observability across your diverse hardware

Viam’s unique architecture leverages open-source protocols like gRPC and WebRTC to simplify cross-platform communication and allow the viewing of all hardware at a glance regardless of make or manufacturer.

Viam server to enable interoperation for any device

Devices running operating systems such as Linux, as well as resource-constrained embedded devices, can run the Viam server and interoperate with any other device also running it.

Data sharing among devices in any format or system

Use any kind of data type or system you are already comfortable with and easily pipe it into any other platform through Viam.

Single control pane for fleet management

See the current status of your fleet, or any individual machine within it, and take action to resolve issues in real time.

Customizable analytics dashboard tooling

Consume your data however you prefer, and integrate Viam analytical capabilities with any visualization platform.

Make a module app to add functionality to any device

VIam’s Modular Registry lets developers  easily add any component or service they want to their smart machine as they need it, even if not pre-built into the platform.

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