USE CASE - Predictive Maintenance

Prevent painful downtime through predictive maintenance

Maximize uptime and minimize machine maintenance costs
Get the visibility to proactively find and fix issues across your diverse fleet.

Target machine
where and when
it’s needed

Machine data is often siloed by manufacturer, format, or platform. This limited visibility makes it hard to accurately pinpoint warning signs about potential damages or outages across your fleet before they happen.
Viam captures real-time and historical data about machine health and performance to forecast when upkeep or repairs are really necessary.
Armed with this insight into current fleet conditions, enterprises can prevent unplanned downtime, optimize machine performance, and lower repair costs to maximize productivity.

Keep machines operating in
good condition at their full potential

Viam’s server can be installed on any machine, continuously monitoring and analyzing performance and health data collected from across all hardware onto a single platform.
With this unified observability, you can adjust maintenance windows and remediation resources in real time towards the machines that truly need them precisely when they need them.

Capture more machine data to better anticipate  performance issues

Easily add sensors to machines to gather a wider variety of information on wear, component replacement readiness, and other data to get more accurate warnings about imminent functionality issues.

Remotely diagnose and remediate machines

Viam enables more machine investigations and fixes to be done preemptively without needing a repair technician on-premise, preventing downtime and productivity losses.

Use ML to accurately  identify potential machine breakdowns in real time

Push ML models or any other data back down to your machines to automate their ability to expand the range of issues they can self-monitor to avoid damages.

Target upkeep according to machine needs, not arbitrary intervals

Strategically execute equipment maintenance to take place when there are critical issues to avoid the most costly and unnecessary generalized machine inspections.

Collect and view data, sensor
readings, and performance metrics from any machine

Flexible cloud-based data pipelines

Ingest and combine any kind of real-time or historical data from any machine, camera, or sensor into a single view. No changes to existing equipment or data management platforms required.

Monitor, analyze and query all machine data

Get information about current and past fleet status, health, and locations in one tool. Configure alerts to be instantly notified about critical issues. Expose data to standard business intelligence tools for further real-time analysis.

Preventive and reactive diagnostics & maintenance

Viam gives enterprises the tools to remotely debug and remediate the issues it identifies, as well as the ability to optimize machine performance through over-the-air updates.

Create an app to view dashboards from mobile devices

Access the latest machine data on your mobile device. VIam makes it easy for enterprises and their customers to interact with and manage machines from a mobile application that can be customized through the Viam platform.

Built-in compliance and security

Viam’s platform creates an encrypted channel between machines and the cloud, and offers compliance out-of-the-box with international and local regulations to protect sensitive data.

Modify, iterate, and scale machines on the fly

Adjust or add new parts and capabilities to machines in response to changing environmental conditions. Scale as needed for increased workloads and data volumes.

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