Security & Compliance

At Viam, we understand that protecting your data is paramount. We believe security is so critical we did not launch our public beta before implementing rigorous security protocols into the platform. Viam is SOC2 Type I and HIPAA compliant per independent auditors and has been since the moment the beta launched. Viam is committed to continually improving our security and privacy features as the platform evolves, and sharing advancements with customers.

With Viam, you have full governance of your robots: you control user access to Viam. Every robot has end-to-end encrypted communications with Viam’s platform, with other robots and with client applications they interact with.

Viam makes it easier than ever to do big things with robotics, always with the confidence that security comes first.

Viam's Security Architecture

A diagram of Viam's Security architectureA diagram of Viam's Security architectureA diagram of Viam's Security architecture

Users connect to Viam using Auth0

Organization admins control which locations and robots users can access.

Robots connect with Viam

Every robot uses a distinct robot secret to connect with

Robots connect with robots

3A – Within a local network

Each robot shares a location certificate to establish TLS between robots within the same location.

3B – Across the internet via WebRTC

Each robot shares a location secret to connect with robots within the same location.

Robots connect with client application

Client applications use the same location secret to connect with robots locally, or over the internet via WebRTC.
SOC2 Compliant Badge

SOC2 Type I

System and Organization Controls (SOC) Reports are the result of independent third-party audits that examine how Viam achieves key compliance controls and objectives. The Viam SOC 2 Security Type I report will help you and your auditors understand the Viam controls established to support data security, availability, confidentiality, privacy, and more.
Hipaa Compliance Badge


For organizations in healthcare and related fields subject to the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), Viam is HIPAA-ready and enables covered entities and their business associates to use a secure cloud database environment to process, maintain, and store protected health information (PHI).