Fleet management built for smart machines

Proactive monitoring and control that enables your fleet to run smoothly, scale quickly, and stay productive.
An illustration showing the Viam platform being used to securely manage a fleet of smart machines
Whether you’re looking to upgrade existing assets or build out a whole new fleet, Viam Fleet’s unique architecture and universal hardware compatibility allows your machines to securely communicate with the cloud and each other for seamless admin and action.

How Viam Fleet Works

A diagram showing how Viam Fleet worksA diagram showing how Viam Fleet works
Allow diverse smart machines from many manufacturers at spread out locations to speak with each other and the cloud.
Fleet data sent to cloud for viewing within the Viam App UI.
Take action in response to data on your fleet or machines.

Manage and monitor your entire fleet with one solution

Configuration and code deployment at scale

Reduce manual tasks and drive productivity by updating all or part of your fleet as circumstances demand.

Diagnostics and remediation from anywhere

Remotely access, monitor, log, trace, debug, and audit.

A unified view of all current and future machines

Seamlessly integrate and coordinate all of your machines - whether new, old, or made by any vendor - from one dashboard.

Keep everything running at peak performance

Smart machine fleet control

Manage the performance of any given machine down to the component level from within the Viam application.

Code fragments that reduce redundant work

Configure similar robots in a fleet at scale without duplicating work, making it simple to update the entire fleet or carry out canary deploys on sub-fleets.

Smart machine software versioning

Use versioning when deploying code and other software updates to your entire fleet or per machine. Quickly revert and debug if issues arise.

Fleet info and status at a glance

Viam provides a standardized interface across all machines and components, regardless of manufacturer, to enable a holistic, real-time view of fleet status.

Real-time alerts with smart machine webhooks

Build an event-driven system for smart machine status notifications.

Granular smart machine permissions

Set up a secure system for both you and your customers to simultaneously access fleets for control, data, and analytics.

Use Cases

Global fleet control and operations
Diagnostics and remediation
Alert and incident management
Code deployment
Predictive maintenance
Mixed fleet integration & optimization

The power of a
unified platform

Viam Fleet is part of a holistic platform that removes the need for complex integrations. By leveraging a comprehensive platform, Viam Fleet customers reduce the need to patch together various solutions and gain new efficiencies as they monitor and manage their fleets in conjunction with other parts of the Viam Platform.

Viam Build

Make all machines interoperable and allow all devices with the appropriate credentials to securely and programmatically communicate with each other, with open-source architecture for everything on-robot.

Viam Data

When you collect machine and sensor data with Viam Data, you can then take that information and use it to automate workflows with Viam Fleet based on what the data is telling you would be optimal.

Viam Machine Learning

Extract machine data, label it, train models on it, and then deploy those models to optimize machine performance.

Managing a worldwide smart machine fleet and customer deployments

RoboDeck’s deck-cleaning robots use Viam to enhance customer deployments based on data about individual deck characteristics, get instant feedback on current machine operations to provide customer support, and deploy code to update their machines with new features.
Robodeck logo
“We have a business that requires us to deploy our robots all around the world, and Viam gives us the ability to see up-to-the-minute information on all of them. That lets us onboard new customers to use our robots more quickly, iterate and push new features to our robots, and gather data that helps us optimize the performance of our robots in the field.”

Pay-as-you-go cloud consumption & free built-in integrations

Leverage Viam’s open-source on-machine elements and pricing for cloud services based on consumption, with no upfront fees or deployment costs. Many integrations included at no additional cost, including a mobile application with built-in authentication, and Typescript for easy management, remote control, and dashboarding.
An illustration of a vending machine filled with data and cloud storage

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