ML for Smart Machines

Your smart machines contain valuable data. Leverage Viam's cloud to train and deploy machine learning algorithms based on that data to make them smarter.
how it works

Viam ML

The Viam platform integrates every stage of your smart machine ML pipeline. Join the engineers and businesses using Viam ML to add intelligence to their smart machines.

An illustration showing the interface for Viam ML
An illustration of image data being uploaded into Viam

collect data

Data collected by cameras, sensors, or any other source on your smart machine is uploaded to the Viam cloud.
An illustration showing how you can label images in Viam


Label the relevant features of your data in the Viam web app.
An illustration showing you can train a model using your labeled data

train modelS

Use labeled data stored in the Viam cloud to train your model of choice.
A robot using an ML model to detect a purple flower


Easily manage deploying new models to portions or the entirety of your fleet.

Why Viam ML


Capture, sync, label, train, and deploy via the Viam platform.

one home for your data

Viam ML seamlessly uses data collected from your smart machines, and supports uploading and use of existing data and/or models.

continuously improve your Smart machines

Easily deploy updated models to your smart machines.

Supported Data Types

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Object detection, XXXX, YYYY...


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See Viam ML in action

Viam’s application and ML model service make training and deploying machine learning to your smart machines much faster and easier. Check out this brief video, where our developer advocate Ariella Mella demonstrates how to deploy ML on your smart machine through Viam in less than 5 minutes.

Additional Use Cases


Inspect critical equipment for industrial facilities such as bridges, pipelines, electrical grids, factories, and more.


Identify trends and perform predictions by analyzing continuous environmental data provided by on-machine sensors.

Integrate Creatively with third party tools (like ChatGPT)

Combine functionality from on-machine ML with other systems - such as large language models - to create a powerful natural language interface to your smart machine.

Try Viam’s ML for smart machines now!

Want to get a customized look at how Viam’s built-in machine learning service could integrate with your current smart machine stack and enhance performance?

Drop us a line through this form, and one of our consultants will reach out to work closely with your business and its smart machine ML pipelines. 

In the meantime, take a look at our documentation around the Viam Platform’s machine learning capabilities to see how Viam can help your smart machines learn and adjust their behavior based on data.

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