September 18, 2023

Viam & NVIDIA: Raising the bar on smart machine ML

Written by
Sara Gharnit
Senior Content Marketer

Imagine a world where  deploying your machine learning (ML) model to your smart machine is as quick as brewing a cup of coffee—just 5 minutes. This isn’t a dream, it’s just using our Viam ML Model Service.

This month, we partnered with NVIDIA to spotlight our cutting-edge ML Model Service: an integrated solution that makes training and deploying ML models on your smart machines faster and easier than ever before. Here’s why and how:

ML's potential to boost real-time smart machine performance

The data landscape is undergoing a rapid expansion. As we generate and consume an unprecedented volume of data, leading organizations are dramatically transforming their customer experiences, maximizing efficiency and significantly reducing costs.

However, the smart device sector tells a different story. Compared to other industries, their pace of ML adoption is noticeably slower due to challenges ranging from the safety concerns due to the dynamic environments smart machines operate in, to hardware limitations and a lack of standardization. 

Additionally, financial constraints, expertise gaps, and longer development cycles further complicate swift machine learning integration, limiting the ability of developers to apply the latest in software innovation and improve overall hardware performance.

The overarching question: How can innovators in the smart machine space harness, interpret, and leverage the data they capture?

Our answer: Make creating and deploying custom ML models to a machine far quicker and simpler. 

Empowering your smart machines with ML

Viam bridges the gap between getting data off the machines and being able to use it to make the machine perform better with the insights ML provides. Within months of Viam ML’s debut, forward-thinking businesses and developers have already harnessed Viam ML to turbocharge their devices. 

Here’s why they’re turning to our platform:

  • Adaptive Intelligence: Keep your machines on the forefront of innovation by introducing cutting-edge models whenever the need arises.
  • Effortless Integration: Get your pre-trained models on board in a snap and utilize data to amplify your machine's capabilities.
  • Streamlined Data Flow: Whether it’s instantaneous data captures by sensors or backlogged uploads, Viam’s cloud platform organizes and processes it all.
  • One-Stop Automation: Take your data, annotate it with labels, gear up the ML models, and roll them out to your entire fleet, without breaking a sweat.
  • Modular Flexibility: Due to Viam’s modularity, you can use the ML Model Service with other Viam features or by itself. Build on top of your pre-existing architecture to enhance your machine’s capabilities without disturbing its core setup.

And on top of it all, Viam transforms the traditional, time-intensive data processes. Extracting and training data on machines, once a weeks-long endeavor, is now a swift, streamlined task. 

Learn more about the many features of Viam ML and how it can make your smart machines even smarter.

Viam & NVIDIA: Elevating ML together

Software-wise, we set the gold standard, developing our solutions to be in sync with any computer. This includes those by some of the most trusted and popular in the business, including NVIDIA. Their Jetson Orin Nano, packed with formidable GPUs, supercharges processing—facilitating faster and more efficient ML and AI tasks.

Integrating the Jetson Orin Nano with the Viam app? As shown in the video below, it's a breeze. Users simply:

  • SSH into the board.
  • Download and install the viam-server.
  • Define the board and select both component and model types. Coding skills? Not required.

An added benefit? Viam's Modular Registry now includes the Viam Triton Inference Server Module for Jetpack, streamlining its integration with your smart machine.

For those unfamiliar, the Registry is a space for creating, sharing, and utilizing custom drivers, making it more adaptable for all smart machines. This ensures that users can make the most of the Orin device's capabilities, optimizing resources and allowing the CPU to efficiently handle additional robot tasks.

At Viam, we believe in the power of collaboration. Together with NVIDIA, we're paving a straightforward and practical path for businesses and developers to tap into the potential of ML for smart machines. Our partnership simplifies the process, making ML more accessible and efficient.

Curious about the real-world impact of our combined efforts? Dive into our comprehensive webinar, check out our detailed documentation on our ML Model Service, and try out our ML features within the app for yourself. 

We can’t wait to see what you build with it!

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