USE CASE - Mobile Device Enablement

Let customers control smart machines with their phones

Give customers an extraordinary mobile
experience managing your smart machines
Viam’s off-the-shelf piping gives your business the tools to create user-friendly mobile applications that help customers easily interact with smart machines.

The challenge of seamless mobile
functionality across hardware & software

When given the option, customers want to use their mobile phone to make tasks more convenient, including management of their smart machines.
However, designing applications that work across hardware and mobile devices requires many diverse tools, including custom networking rules that take privacy and security concerns into account, data management and storage, and teleoperation capabilities.
Additionally, building that complex cross-platform infrastructure requires highly specialized experience working with varied technology environments, taking time away from working on enhancing your smart machines.

Create mobile apps for hardware with infrastructure that just works

Viam’s plug-and-play system allows smart machine manufacturers to effortlessly create mobile apps that end users can then leverage to manage their devices.
By abstracting hardware and software components into generic building blocks, Viam lets you create mobile apps for smart machines without needing to improvise a complex patchwork system across various tools.
This enables:

Creating a branded mobile application for end users to interact with your enterprise’s machines

Allowing customers to monitor their device data, operate machines, and ask for support through an app

Keeping tabs on the health and environment of smart machines for instant updates and incident response

Secure Connectivity Icon

Complying with international and local protocols for data privacy, encrypted communication, and other security measures

Smart machine management and
monitoring designed for mobile
devices and their users

Create mobile apps to let customers interact with their devices

Viam’s flexible APIs and Flutter SDK allow you to customize the design of a mobile application for your smart machines so customers can easily control them.

APIs that work down to the hardware level

The Viam platform abstracts different smart machine hardware components so that manufacturers can swap them out on the fly and ensure their smooth communication with Viam’s mobile UI.

Real time and historical data channels

Your customers can access both real-time and historical data about their machines through their Viam-powered mobile app to optimize machine performance and get support and updates whenever issues arise.

Baked-in security

Viam’s backend includes strict access controls, privacy measures, and data encryption for all communication between smart machines and mobile applications with the cloud.

Dashboarding that lets customers see everything happening on their machine

Your customers can get a centralized view of all the data their machine is capturing about its current status and environment, with control panels tailored to their needs.

Smart machine teleoperation from a mobile device

Viam’s application can give your end users the ability to teleoperate or allow the autonomous mobility for a smart machine.

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