Use Cases

Viam’s platform helps your team solve any smart machine challenge. Here are a few common use cases from early adopters.
An illustration of a robot filling a pothole


You can remotely operate any Viam smart machine on any device from anywhere, with all communication encrypted end-to-end. There are no VPNs, intermediary servers, or third party tools.

Real-time connectivity

Each smart machine allows direct access via WebRTC through Viam’s UI and API.

Audio and video streaming

Viam supports remote audio and video from hundreds of common hardware models.

Native remote control

Control any smart machine with your keyboard, build your own custom control page using web languages or native mobile tools, and implement external physical controllers.
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IoT Data Unification

Viam unifies data management across your environment. You can collect visual information, sensor readings, and hardware metrics from any smart machine, or any equipment connected to Viam.

Reliable uploads

Viam caches data locally, and lets you configure how much bandwidth is used, to ensure uploads always complete across any network condition, without interfering with real time control requirements.

Centralized storage

All of your data is stored in the same format with granularity down to 10kHz. You can filter and search through your data using any field.

Aggregated analysis

Viam lets you explore your data, export it to run predictive analytics, and train machine learning models. Viam will support pushing trained models, or any other data, back down to your smart machines.
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Edge Robotics

Viam lets you orchestrate robots locally when network connectivity isn’t reliable or guaranteed for long stretches of time. You can deploy a client application running on the robot, or an external device. Each robot connects to the cloud for asynchronous updates.

Low bandwidth operation

Robots communicate with client applications, and to other robots, through gRPC methods composed of a few bytes of data.

Secure connectivity

Viam manages TLS certificates to secure local communication between each robot, and secrets to secure communication with client applications and across the internet. Robots automatically connect to Viam to validate certificates every 60 days.

Integrated higher-level services

Viam natively supports SLAM, Computer Vision, Motion Planning, and more on any robot. You can train machine learning models in the cloud, and push them to each robot.
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Everyday Smart Machines

Viam makes smart machines accessible to builders without extensive expertise. You can configure a smart machine in minutes, and immediately start solving problems in your everyday life.

Config-based Hardware setup

Viam abstracts common hardware into types such as ‘motor’ or ‘arm’. Hardware engineers select the model they’re using, and Viam automatically configures their smart machine and exposes the APIs.


Viam’s APIs expose intuitive methods through gRPC for each type of hardware. For example, ‘MoveToJointPosition’ moves any arm, and ‘SetPower’ turns on any motor.


Viam’s SDK lets you create client applications to interact with your smart machine’s hardware and higher-level services without needing to deal with low-level code.

Get started with Viam today!

Get started with Viam today!