October 11, 2022

Viam Announces Availability of Public Beta

Viam’s modern architecture, easy APIs, and cloud tooling make it easier than ever to launch and scale successful robotics deployments

New York City, New York - October 11, 2022Viam, Inc., the modern robotics platform, today announced the release of its public beta. Viam makes it easier than ever to get started with robotics and supports the entire robotics lifecycle, all in a single platform: configuring and prototyping, coding, managing and scaling robotics fleets, and leveraging cloud tools to do more with robotics data. Historically, robotics software systems have been disparate, difficult to use and have struggled to take advantage of cloud connectivity. Viam is built with a simple, modern architecture, intuitive APIs for ease of use, and is designed for the cloud era. Viam prioritizes security and privacy, with SOC2 type I and HIPAA compliance, so customers know their robotics data is safe. 

With Viam, there has never been a better time to launch and scale a successful robotics venture. 

“It’s clear that in the near future, robots are going to be impacting our lives in a myriad of different ways, but we aren’t going to get there without a massive improvement in robotics tooling–especially on the software side,” said Eliot Horowitz, founder & CEO, Viam. “Viam takes a complex, disjointed process and makes it practical. One platform for every stage of your robotics journey that bridges the gap between hardware and software engineers while providing them with the kind of flexible, intuitive tools they already love to use. I cannot wait to see what people build with Viam.

A Modern Robotics Platform

Viam provides an open-source robot architecture that turns complex functionality into simple APIs, with an integrated cloud service to orchestrate production deployments. Users can configure a robot in minutes, and operate it from anywhere using any common software language. Viam manages, secures, and connects every robot so that any team can go from a robotics idea to a robotics business in record time. 

Viam allows users to:

  • Unify hardware & software prototyping - Viam abstracts common hardware types such as “motor” or “arm” so that engineers can simply select the model they’re using and Viam automatically configures their robot. Viam supports hundreds of common drivers and provides an SDK to easily create more. Once configured, hardware can be tested in Viam’s control UI and software engineers immediately have intuitive APIs to begin coding.
  • Simplify software development - Viam allows developers to write predictable, reliable, and consistent code in any programming language, for any robot, from anywhere. Viam’s API exposes intuitive methods through gRPC for each type of hardware. Each robot can be remotely accessed via WebRTC, and Viam natively supports higher-level services such as Computer Vision, SLAM, and Motion Planning.
  • Operate global deployments - Organizations can centrally manage and secure every robot from anywhere. Organize robots by group and location, view every robot’s status, remotely control any robot, and maintain fine-grained control over access to robots – down to distinct API methods. For example, users can prevent remote access to cameras deployed in sensitive environments. 
  • Manage data across robots - Viam lets users synchronize data from each robot to the cloud, combine and analyze data in the cloud, and then deploy changes to every robot. Viam can collect images, sensor readings, and hardware metrics even through challenging network conditions and limited bandwidth. Once uploaded, users can explore data, export it to run predictive analytics, and train machine learning models. Trained models–or any other data–is easily pushed back down to robots.

New Era In Robotics 

There is consensus that robotics and automation will become mainstream, greatly impacting every industry and everyday life. However, the path to get there has not been clear, with technology barriers on the software side. 

Viam makes it easier than ever to take a robotics idea to a production robot, to a scaled and successful robotics business. By making robotics more accessible, Viam hopes to bring more talent and investment into the space. Whether it’s deploying a solution aimed at solving one of the biggest problems in the world, or something that makes household chores easier–there are infinite use cases for robots that Viam can support.

Viam does not charge for beta usage of its cloud service. At general availability, Viam will offer consumption-based pricing for its cloud service. Visit viam.com to get started today.

About Viam

Viam is a robotics platform that makes it easy to turn great ideas into production-ready robots. Viam works with any hardware and has a modern architecture, easy developer APIs, cloud connectivity and tools, and enterprise-grade security to give even the leanest teams the power to launch and scale their robotics business. 

Viam makes building, deploying and managing robots more flexible, affordable and easy to use so that builders can do more with robots while getting them to market faster. By making robotics more accessible, Viam is attracting talent and investment to the industry so that more people start working with robots to build products and services that improve our world.

Founded in 2020 by Eliot Horowitz, former MongoDB co-founder & CTO, Viam is headquartered in New York City.


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