October 11, 2022

What Do You Want To Build?

Written by
Eliot Horowitz
CEO & Founder

Today we announced the Viam public beta, available for use at no cost. Sign up now to get started.

It’s clear to me that robotics are going to impact our lives in a myriad of ways in the near future, but not without a new approach to robotics tooling–especially on the software side. Viam is a modern robotics platform we hope will be a part of that new approach.

Viam makes it less scary and more straightforward to get started in robotics. The platform is intuitive, easy to use, and feels like the developer tools engineers already love. Viam bridges the gap between hardware engineers and software engineers so that lean robotics teams are able to get to market faster and do more with their robot fleets. Our hope is that by making robotics more accessible, Viam helps attract more talent, funding, and problem-solvers to join the robotics community. 

Here is what you should expect from Viam, in the public beta and in the future:

  1. Opinionated about the important stuff, unopinionated about the rest - Viam doesn’t care what kind of hardware you want to work with or what programming languages you prefer. We will always push to give you the most flexibility and creativity in how you build and manage your robots.
  2. Easy APIs  - We want to make it as intuitive to program robots as it is to program a web application. It’s easy to get started, but you have all the power and control you need to build anything.
  3. Cloud & Data Management Expertise - Robots gather incredible amounts of data and Viam makes it easy to do more with it in the cloud. Whether you want to train ML models and push them back to your robots, or use any other cloud tool, Viam will always excel at data management in the cloud.
  4. Serious About Security - We know that security has to be baked in from the beginning if robotics is going to go mainstream. That’s why Viam prioritizes security and offers fully encrypted end-to-end communication and SOC 2 Type I & HIPAA compliance on day one. We will continue to invest in security and privacy advancements as the platform matures. 

Viam has great bones. There are some things we get right on Day 1 that will stand out. I also know there are going to be things that we get wrong, and I’m counting on your feedback to point them out. Please check out our documentation, join our Slack community, and let us know what we can be doing better. 

We are going to work hard to continually improve Viam and make it the best platform for people to bring great robotics ideas to production. The rest is up to you. 

So, what do you want to build?

October 11, 2022

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