February 1, 2022

Viam’s Series A

Written by
Eliot Horowitz
CEO & Founder
Robotics has the potential to do so much good, but progress has been slowed by complicated hardware and software integrations, long development cycles, and people’s fear of tripping over a robot on their way to work. At Viam, we’re addressing these issues by building a novel robotics platform that relies on standardized building blocks rather than custom code to create, configure and control robots intuitively and quickly. We’re empowering engineers — aspiring and experienced — across industries to solve complicated automation problems with our innovative software tools.

In June, I announced that Viam’s raised a seed round led by Union Square Ventures. Since then we’ve brought on extraordinary talent, built, tested, and launched our platform, and engaged with external parties energized by the prospect of building robots easily and intuitively. I’m thrilled to share that as a result, we’ve closed a $30M Series A round led by Tiger Global, with participation from returning investor Union Square Ventures, and Battery Ventures. I’m excited to work with world-class investors whose vision for the future of robotics so closely aligns with ours at Viam — robotics presents a massive opportunity to improve almost every aspect of our lives.

With this investment, we will be accelerating hiring to support ongoing development and the addition of new users. If you’re a company or individual navigating tough robotics challenges and eager to try something new, reach out to us at If you’re passionate about defining the future of automation across industries, consider joining us

You can read more in Viam’s press release.

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