June 29, 2021

Viam’s Seed Round

Written by
Eliot Horowitz
CEO & Founder
In the future, humans and robots will work together in ways we cannot fathom. Science fiction authors, engineers, children, and most everyone has at some point imagined what a robot might do, whether it’s clean their room, do dangerous construction work, or simply cut onions to prevent their eyes from watering. While our imagination about where robots could go is limitless, the path to getting there is incredibly murky. Challenges from making hardware interoperate to having software understand the world around them confound us. While the robots of our imaginations are years away from fruition, at Viam Robotics, we are building the roads for engineers to turn their robotic dreams into reality.

To fulfill Viam’s vision, we are excited to announce that we have raised a $12M seed round. Robotics has enormous potential for the world, but requires new software and hardware infrastructure to make it possible.

Viam is currently working on a number of different products, including hardware with integrated software, pure software, cloud services, and all on top of an open source core. In addition, we are working on several demo robots that we will likely be open sourcing.

With this investment, we’ll be growing the team substantially. We’re hiring for software engineers of many flavors, electric and mechanical engineers, designers, and developer advocates.

You can see a full list of available positions, and apply here:

I am very excited to be working with Albert Wenger and Union Square Ventures again, who were the first investors in MongoDB. You can see Albert’s post on this announcement here:

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