April 21, 2023

Robot Block Party 2023: a Blast for Robot Builders & Fans!

Written by
Charlotte Edelson
Head of Community

Our team had a fantastic time at this year’s Robot Block Party hosted by Silicon Valley Robotics. Held at Circuit Launch, a hardware space in Oakland, California, the event was packed with demos, workshops, and conversations on the latest in robotics.

As the robotics space continues to evolve, events like this one improve access to robotics and provide an important platform for the exchange of ideas. Below you’ll find some highlights from the event!

Creating a dialogue around the future of robotics

The event created a space for aspiring and experienced roboticists to discuss  emerging robotics trends and challenges including:

  • The importance of human-robot interaction as robots become increasingly popular
  • The role of open source solutions (like Viam’s RDK) in fostering robotics innovation
  • The potential for robotics to help various industries, from agriculture to food services
  • The emergence of new robotics software approaches to make programming robots more accessible (like with Viam’s SDKs)

The wide range of attendees and topics covered reflects the vibrant robotics ecosystem in Silicon Valley, and we’re excited to continue working with people and companies across the region.

Meeting fellow robotics enthusiasts

We were thrilled to join in on the fun alongside more than 2,000 attendees, ranging from robotics professionals and academics to hobbyists (and their families). 

Our team used the Viam Rover to demonstrate how our robotics software platform works and hosted a giveaway to kickstart attendees’ robotics projects.

The event was also a showcase of the cutting edge of robotics technology—from autonomous mobile robots and household applications to teleoperated devices and, of course, Boston Dynamics’ Spot.

And there were plenty of fun robotic devices too! We got to see an autonomous unicorn chasing a ball around, lightsabers, and some robotics throwbacks.

Come build with us!

Feeling inspired and have a robotics idea you want to explore? Join our Discord community! You can connect with other robot builders, gain some inspiration, and get help from our team.

And if you’re in the New York area, you’re welcome to come to our next Open Lab on May 16. It’s a great way to get some hands-on help from our engineers with your robotics projects or goals.

We had a blast at SVR’s Robot Block Party and look forward to fostering a strong community in Silicon Valley and beyond.


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