Viam for Prototyping

The Viam platform is designed for a seamless cycle of prototyping and production. There are many ways our platform increases your speed, lowers your costs, and improves your prototyping. While using our platform to prototype, you’ll know that you have a straight path towards commercial scaling.
An illustration showing that with Viam you can continue to prototype while you are in production.
Getting Started: It is easy to get started with Viam on any system (e.g. raspberry pi or jetson, Linux, Windows, or Mac).  There are no hardware-specific configuration or operating system version requirements.  Installation is a single binary.
Iterate Flexibly and Rapidly on your Hardware: Viam has well-defined API’s for typical components such as sensors, motors, and arms, with many common driver implementations included. Adding support for any piece of hardware is very straightforward in any language.
Communication and Authentication Protocols: We use modern and well defined protocols such as TLS, WebRTC, and gRPC. Everything is authenticated and secure by default.
Programming: SDK’s are available in multiple languages to help you write your business / control logic in a language of your choice
Native cloud web application integration: Viam has user friendly configuration, history, and logging tools for rapid iteration and debugging. As an example, you can run remote control through while rapidly experimenting, configuring, programming, and debugging.
Higher-order services: Easily configurable services such as SLAM, motion planning, and vision are available out of the box.
Speed: If you have a single board computer, it can take as little as five minutes to install the Viam platform and begin prototyping - including, for example, on higher order services like SLAM.
Very simple to very complex: Viam can be put on devices as simple as an ESP-32. Or complex robots. Or, you can use our architecture to help you create complex systems out of multiple robots.
Cost of prototyping: With Viam, your initial prototype can be cheap. You can use standard components and start small to build your proof of concept and start programming. From there you can rapidly experiment with different types and configurations of hardware, iterating rapidly, while building towards your final product. Viam can help you save money on hardware and time, with the knowledge that your product was built on a platform designed for production.
Opens up the Robotics Market: Any software developer can start writing code. Non-software engineers, such mechanical engineers, can use Viam to jump start development.
Summary: Increase your speed. Lower your costs. Prototype knowing you can seamlessly move into production.